Lawn Treatments

Our range of specialist lawn treatments are designed to complement our feeding programme to really make the very best out of your lawn.
Applying a fertiliser to your lawn will make a huge difference to the health of your turf as it will provide all the nutrients your grass needs to thrive while building strength to manage the stresses each season brings.
Supporting your lawn with the right nutrients is only part of the picture though when it comes to really achieving a beautiful, healthy, luscious green lawn. Our range of specialist lawn treatments have been created to perfectly complement our feeding programme and really will bring out the very best in your lawn and create a noticeable difference to turn a good lawn into a truly beautiful one.
As with our fertilisers, these can be purchased as an individual treatment or as part of one of our specially created bespoke lawn care packages where the cost can be spread evenly over the course of a year. For further information, please see our Lawn Care Packages page or contact us to arrange a free no obligation quote.
Mowing the lawn
GrowSlow Treatment

GrowSlow is a growth regulator treatment, designed to reduce the vertical growth of your lawn. Growth regulators have long been used by turf managers on commercial applications, but the benefits to domestic lawns are now being enjoyed and appreciated and so have increased in popularity.

Essentially, our GrowSlow treatment contains an active ingredient that works by redirecting plant growth. Vertical growth of the grass is inhibited by targeting the gibberellic acid site responsible for cell elongation. The energy is then diverted so the plant growth is directed downward into the root system to produce increased food reserves and lateral stem development. This, in turn, produces a thicker healthier sward that better equips your turf to withstand temperature extremes, moisture loss, traffic and wear.

By reducing the vertical growth of your grass, it means you can vastly reduce your mowing and see a reduction in clippings by up to 50%. This is particularly useful if you are unable to mow your lawn for a period, for example when you are on holiday, or in areas that are difficult to mow, such as on sloping banks or on turf edges by flower beds, where a reduced need to mow would be of benefit.

Hydration Boost

Like all living things, water is essential to life, and your grass is no different. During the summer period, your lawns ability to conserve and use water efficiently is of critical importance, and if not watered regularly can be at risk of damage and dry patch.

Our hydration boost treatment addresses this problem.

Based on new surfactant technologies, our hydration booster works by moving water away from the soil’s surface as quickly as possible and distributes the water more evenly at greater depths to allow more efficient use by the roots of the grass. It means you can maintain a strong, green lawn even through the dry summer months and be confident your lawn won’t be damaged by dry patch.

Hydration Boost Before and After

Benefits of Hydration Boost

Left untreated, water will penetrate unevenly during dry periods, and your grass will be exposed to the risk of dry patch.

A treated lawn will enjoy water efficiently bypassing the thatch layer to allow coverage through the hydrophobic layer and deeper into the root zone. Deep and uniform water penetration takes place which encourages good rooting. Plants with deep root systems are more efficient at nutrient uptake and more resistant to drought stress.

Lawn suffering with Dry Patch
Specialist lawn treatment lawn hydration lawn wetting agent
Specialist lawn treatment lawn hydration lawn wetting agent

Lawn Renovation & Turfing

If your lawn has been neglected for some time and is full of moss, thatch, weeds, suffering dry patch and generally looking extremely worn; you may be forgiven for thinking it is beyond repair, and it is best to rip it up and start again, but that is not always the case.

We are experts at turf laying, and there are many benefits of going down that route, but depending on the condition of your lawn, we may well be able to put it through our lawn renovation programme and bring it back to life and new glory!

Our lawn renovation programme consists of 6 steps:

Step 1

1. Soil Testing

There may be a deeper underlying reason for the issues with your lawn and so performing a soil test can alert us to any potential issues, which can then be addressed.

Step 2

2. Herbicide & Moss Treatment

If your lawn is suffering from weeds and moss, a selective herbicide treatment to specifically target your weeds without damaging your lawn will be of great benefit.

Step 3

3. Scarification

You can read more about the benefits of scarification here but removing the thatch and moss contained within your lawn is absolutely crucial at this stage, and lays the path for success in renovating your lawn.

Step 4

4. Hollow Tine Aeration

You can read further information on the benefits of aeration here, but this critical step in lawn renovation will reduce compaction and allow the penetration of air, water and nutrients into the soil.

Step 5

5. Top dressing

In preparation for the next stage, we apply a top dressing. This will stimulate new growth, encourage a healthy dense sward, improve drought resistance, & aid drainage; giving your newly renovated lawn the best chance to thrive.

Step 6

6. Over-seeding

Having fully treated & prepared your lawn, we are now ready for the final stage of over seeding. Our lawn seed mix contains a perfect blend of Rye grass & Fescue & will create a new hard wearing lawn with exceptional colour & vitality.


Naturally, there will be circumstances where our renovation programme is not appropriate and where re-turfing is the most effective and suitable solution.

At Johnson Gardening Services, we love laying turf! However, not all turf is the same and choosing not only the right quality of turf but also the right balance of grass species within the turf is an important consideration. When we visit to assess your lawn, we will be able to determine what kind of turf would be most appropriate, taking into consideration any existing grass to match up to and what needs and requirements you have for your lawn.  For example, we would recommend a different turf for a lawn that would experience a lot of traffic, play and wear compared to one for a more ornamental effect.

Whichever route you choose, be it through our renovation programme or by re-turfing, you can be assured of a beautiful, healthy lawn that, with care, will remain lush, green and healthy all year round.

Lawn Care Analysis

No two lawns are the same, and the needs of one might be very different to the needs of another.  In order to assess those needs and offer you our lawn care recommendations, we will need to meet with you and perform an analysis of your lawn. We can then take you through the different options available and provide you with our quote.

In order to arrange this, please send us an email, give us a call or complete the adjacent form and we will get in touch.


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