Lawn Aeration

Our range of specialist lawn treatments are designed to compliment our feeding programme to really make the very best out of your lawn.

Applying fertiliser to your lawn will make a huge difference to the health of your turf as it will provide all the nutrients your grass needs to thrive while building strength to manage the stresses each season brings.

 Supporting your lawn with the right nutrients is only part of the picture though when it comes to really achieving a beautiful, healthy, luscious green lawn. Our range of specialist lawn treatments has been created to perfectly complement our feeding programme and really will bring out the very best in your lawn and create a noticeable difference to turn a good lawn into a truly beautiful one.

As with our fertilisers, these can be purchased as an individual treatment or as part of one of our specially created lawn care packages where the cost can be spread evenly over the course of a year. For further information, please see our Lawn Care Packages page or contact us to arrange a free no-obligation quote.

lawn aeration
What Is Lawn Aeration?

The main purpose of aerating your lawn is to aid water, nutrient and air penetration and consequently balanced gaseous exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen which is vital to plant health.

There are two main methods of lawn aeration; hollow-tine and solid-tine aeration.  Many lawn care companies only offer hollow-tine aeration, and while it is an effective treatment, it is not always the most appropriate treatment for your lawn.

As horticulturists, our focus is always on doing the right thing for each plant and therefore in keeping with that, we offer both types of aeration, giving you the peace of mind that we really are doing the very best for your individual lawn.

The Benefits of Lawn Aeration?

Soil compaction from foot traffic, play and garden machinery; together with a build-up of thatch, can prevent moisture and essential nutrients from reaching deep within the soil and the roots of the grass. Compaction is an important issue to address as, without the efficient exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen, and the absorption of nutrients, the health of your grass will be severely affected.

The principle of aeration involves spikes, known as ‘tines’, puncturing the surface of the soil and creating space for nutrients, water and gases to move. The level of compaction in your grass will denote which type of aeration treatment we recommend.

Benefits of lawn aeration


Solid tine aerator

Hollow tine aerator

Solid Tine Aeration

Solid, also known as Sarel, tine aeration is an extremely efficient way of aerating all turf areas without causing the surface disturbance of hollow tine aeration.  The process involves solid tines or spikes puncturing the surface of the lawn to allow essential penetration of air, water and nutrients to the grass roots.

Unless your lawn is heavily compacted, solid tine aeration is often the most appropriate aeration treatment and because it causes less disturbance to the surface of your lawn, can be performed more regularly through the season than hollow tine aeration.  It is for that reason that top agronomists recommend regular solid tine aeration treatments in being crucial for stimulating soil biology which in turn results in consistent grass health and vitality.

As passionate gardeners and horticulturists, being able to offer both aeration options is vital. It means you can have peace of mind knowing that we make our recommendation based purely on what is best for your individual lawn rather than what aeration tool we stock.

Hollow Tine Aeration

Hollow tine aeration is a method of aeration that removes thousands of small cores of soil and turf from your lawn, thereby creating extra space in the remaining soil.  It is particularly useful if your lawn is heavily compacted as actually removing cores of turf and soil will allow space for your lawn to relax and the roots to grow and flourish further.

One issue with hollow tine aeration is it causes a lot of surface disturbance to your lawn and produces a lot of waste cores. Many lawn care companies leave these cores on the surface of the lawn and without clearing, can increase the level of thatch in your lawn, promote weed growth and clog your lawn mower.

As Johnson Gardening Services, we will only recommend hollow tine aeration if your lawn genuinely needs it and will always clear the cores away from the surface of your lawn afterwards.

Cores removed using Hollow Tine Aeration

Top Dressing

After aeration, your lawn may benefit from the application of a specially formulated fine soil mix. This is known as top dressing and is an integral step in lawn renovation and maintenance.

Top dressing not only helps fill in the holes left by aeration but more importantly will allow a new, high-quality soil mix to reach the base of the plant and thereby aid root growth together with these other benefits:

  • Aids drainage

  • Improves drought resistance

  • Encourages the breakdown of thatch

  • Encourages a healthy dense sward

  • Stimulates new grass growth

Top dressings are created using a mix of specially selected sand and premium graded topsoil. They may also include a proportion of organic matter. Choosing the correct formulation of top dressing for your individual lawn is of crucial importance and depends on a number of factors.  

When we inspect your lawn, we will be able to assess the optimum top dressing for you, ensuring we are fully

meeting the needs of your lawn and encouraging it to thrive to its greatest potential.


Over-seeding is essentially the application of grass seed over an existing lawn.  It is particularly beneficial in tackling thinning or damaged areas of lawn but can also be done to simply provide a boost in both density and colour to your existing lawn.  If over-seeding is required, this would be done after top dressing using our premium lawn seed mix.


Our lawn seed mix contains a blend of cultivars from Perennial Rye grass and Fescue and has been chosen specifically as they provide a high quality, hard wearing lawn with exceptional colour but that is still resistant to disease.

Lawn Care Analysis

No two lawns are the same, and the needs of one might be very different to the needs of another.  In order to assess those needs and offer you our lawn care recommendations, we will need to meet with you and perform an analysis of your lawn. We can then take you through the different options available and provide you with our quote.

In order to arrange this, please send us an email, give us a call or complete the adjacent form and we will get in touch.


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