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Johnson Gardening Services offers a full range of lawn treatment and lawn care services in Swindon in Wiltshire. We offer both one-off lawn treatments and full lawn care treatment packages for both homeowners and businesses. Our professional lawn care services include spring lawn fertiliser treatment, early summer lawn fertiliser treatment, late summer lawn fertiliser treatment, autumn lawn fertiliser treatment, lawn scarification, lawn aeration, lawn growth regulator and growth improver, lawn hydration booster, top dressing, over seeding, soil testing, turfing and renovation and much more. You can choose to purchase your treatments on a pay as you go basis or benefit from one of our carefully created annual lawn care treatment packages to suit your needs.  Included in our packages is the application of specialist professional lawn fertiliser four times per year plus scarification and aeration of lawns. All ensure your lawn thrives and looks its very best all year round.  


For more information on our residential and commercial garden maintenance services, please call us on 01793 625876 or email us on [email protected]

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As expert gardeners, we are passionate about horticulture and working to bring out the very best in your garden. When we work in your garden, we look at it and treat it with the same care and attention as if it were our own, before handing it back for you to enjoy. Our passion doesn't end with just trees and shrubs, though. Your grass is as much of a living, breathing plant as your shrubs and we, therefore, utilise our expert horticultural knowledge to ensure your lawn thrives and reaches its fullest potential.


Lawn care isn't just about applying a fertiliser. It's about really understanding your lawn and being able to use extensive knowledge and experience to diagnose and treat issues. It, therefore, stands to reason that you should employ an expert to bring out the best in your lawn which is why we at Johnson Gardening Services have created a superior lawn care service that will keep your lawn looking lush, green and healthy all year round.

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As gardeners and horticulturalists we knew what we wanted out of a lawn care product and so spent a great deal of time collaborating with a top agronomist and former premiership-football sports turf consultant, to make sure we selected the very best fertilisers and treatments out there on the market. It will come as no surprise that our highly specialised, organic products are not available to the general public, as they are reserved for use by professionals on some of the most prestigious greens in the world. But now you can benefit from the same specialist treatments and couple with the expert horticultural knowledge of us at Johnson Gardening Services, create the healthiest, lushest and greenest of lawns.

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Lawn Care Analysis

No two lawns are the same, and the needs of one might be very different to the needs of another.  In order to assess those needs and offer you our lawn care recommendations, we will need to meet with you and perform an analysis of your lawn. We can then take you through the different options available and provide you with our quote.


In order to arrange this, please send us an email, give us a call or complete the adjacent form and we will get in touch.


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