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Lawn Care

A beautiful lawn is something to be proud of.  Browse through our guide and see how with a little work, you can keep a lush lawn all year round.

Mulching diagram

What is Lawn Mulching?

What is mulching?

How does it work?

How will it benefit my lawn?

What is lawn mulching and how does it work?


Mulching is essentially the process of returning the cut grass to the lawn instead of collecting it.  That said, you can't just mow your lawn with your standard mower and leave the cuttings.  It would look a mess and cause many problematic issues.  


The mulching blade is totaly different to a grass collection blade. The mulching blade cuts and re-cuts the grass clipping in to tiny particles. These small particles are blown downwards into the sward, out of sight. These tiny slithers of grass will breakdown within hours depositing key nutrients (ie nitrogen, potash and phosphate) back in to the lawn allowing micro-organisms and worms to carry these nutrients back into the soil.  

How will mulching benefit my lawn?


A recent government waste project showed that a typical half-acre lawn can produce 4.5 tonnes of grass clippings each season.  Those wasted clippings contain as much as 55 kilos of nitrogen.  However if you had used a mulching mower, that is enough nitrogen to keep your lawn as healthy and good looking as using any commercial fertiliser.  The other benefit is that the lawn gets a steady natural diet with each cut, rather than periodic high doses of chemical fertilisers.


Grass clippings contain other important elements as well. Elements like iron, calcium, magnesium and others are present in smaller amounts, but all of them help your lawn to be healthier and more productive.


In addition, mulching increases the soils ability to hold on to water which is especially important during the dry summer months.

Mulching comparison

Here you can see the difference between lawn mulching and standard mowing with the cuttings removed. Area 1 was mulched and not only is the grass greener but has greater grass density making for a healthier lawn.